Question: I’ve forgotten my Master Password and can’t get into my vault. Can you unlock it for me?

Answer We share your pain. Believe us—we know how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to not have access to your passwords. But as much as we hate to be the bearers of bad news, we have to be upfront with you: if your Master Password has been lost or forgotten, there is usually not much we can do to help other than try to trigger your memory.

Why we can’t get your password back

When you first set up 1Password, you created a vault and chose a Master Password. This password was used to encrypt the vault and everything inside of it. From that point on, the only thing that could decrypt the vault was—you guessed it—your Master Password.

The Master Password is not stored anywhere inside 1Password, and it is never logged. We don’t know it, and there is no “back door” we can use to recover it or your 1Password data. This approach is very important, as it ensures that your data is kept safe and secure from intruders. But it also keeps the data safe and secure from us.

For this reason, if your password is forgotten, we cannot retrieve it, reset it, or recover your data.

What to do if your Master Password isn’t being accepted

If you believe that you have not forgotten your Master Password—or if you aren’t sure—but 1Password is still telling you that’s wrong, there may still be some steps you can take to try to get back into your vault. We’ve compiled them all in an article:

Starting over

Once you have tried all the passwords you can think of as well as the suggestions above, there may be nothing you can do but start over with a new vault.

When setting up a new vault, make sure to pick a strong, memorable Master Password. For tips on coming up with and memorizing your new password, see this blog post written by our security expert, Jeff Goldberg: Toward Better Master Passwords.

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